Kappa Omega Sigma

On November 15, 1975, a most memorable event commenced at the St. John Missionary Baptist Church. Rebecca Knight Sweet and five Alpha Kappa Alpha sorors assembled in prayer for the organization of an Interest Group of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority in Sanford, FL.  Those attending were Angie Doulgas, Vivian Bowden, Jose Merritt, Louise Foster Smith and Rebecca Sweet

At this meeting, Rebecca Sweet discussed several important facts pertaining to the need for a chapter in the area.  The group enacted many preliminary actions.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the following plans were in place.  Investigate obtaining the use of the Chamber of Commerce Building for regular Interest Group meetings, identification of nineteen sorors in the area, designated a fee for monthly dues and reinstating with the Corporate Office by December 31, 1975.

The sorors nominated and approved the officers for the interest Group.  They were:  Vivian Bowden, Secreatary; Angie Douglas, Treasurer; and Rebecca Sweet, President.  After the initial meeting, the group met numerous times to continue the planning process.  On the second Saturday of December 1975, fifteen sorors gatherered at the Chamber of Commerce for the first regular meeting as an Interest Group.

On December 21, 1985, at the Sheraton Motel in Sanford, a work session was held with the South Atlantic Regional Director, Norma S. White.  On January 1, 1976, seventeen sorors has reinstated with the Corporate Office.

The first Founders’ Day Tea of the Interest Group was held on January 12, 1976.  Later, correspondence was received from the South Atlantic Regional Director, White, stating that the group had met most obligations and should begin to develop plans for a possible charter on April 10, 1976.

The Chartering Ceremony on April 10, 1976 had special significance.  Eugenia Dean Scott, a native of Sanford and a member of the Directorate – Financial Secretary, traveled from Los Angeles, California to witness this historic event.  She installed the first Officers.  The ritual was conducted by South Atlantic Regional Director, Norma S. White.

The strong determination of the group and excellent guidance of Norma S. White and Rebecca K. Sweet made a dream become reality. The Kappa Sigma Omega Chapter was the first predomniately Black Greek Letter Fraternal Organization established in Sanford, Florida.


Vivian Bowden                             Barbara Chambers                    Zonnye Davis Dixon*

Angie Douglas*                            Jeanette Daniels*                      Elouise Eubanks*

Juanita Harold*                          Ozie Mathis*                               Carletha Merkerson*

Josie Merritt*                              Sandra Petty                                Louise Smith*

Rebecca Sweet*                           Mary Whitehurst*                      Geraldine Wright

Mildred Wright*                         Elizabeth Young*


* – Deceased